2YSLCYK-JB 0,6/1kV - ศูนย์รวมสายไฟฟ้าโรงงานอุตสาหกรรม ผู้นำเข้าสายคอนโทรลจากประเทศเยอรมันนี
2YSLCYK-JB 0,6/1kV
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2YSLCYK-JB 0,6/1kV

EMC-optimised motor cable, low-capacitance, double screened,2YSLCYK-JB 0,6/1kV - Motor cable for drives with high electrical power, EMI optimized and double screened

This cable was specifically developed for the EMC-compliant connection of frequency converters. For uses with medium mechanical strain with permanent installation and occasional motion indoors and outdoors, but not in the ground. The version with the three-stranded protective conductor is thinner, lighter and distinguished by improved EMC-properties. The cable is largely oil-resistant.


Conductor material copper, bare
Conductor class class 5 = fine stranded
Insulation polyethylene
Screen aluminium foil + copper braid, tinned
Screen coverage 75 %
Sheathing material PVC, enforced
Colour outer sheath black
Flame-retardant VDE 0482-332-1-2/IEC 60332-1-2
UV-resistant yes
Oil-resistant EN 60811-404
For outdoor use yes
Maximum permitted conductor temperature, °C 70 °C
Permitted outer cable temperature, fixed, °C -30 - +70 °C
Permitted outer cable temperature, in motion/during installation, °C -5 - +70 °C
Nominal voltage Uo 600 V
Protective conductor yes
Nominal voltage U 1000 V
Core identification colours acc. to VDE 0293 (HD308)